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IJBSAT1.  Impact of Cartagena Protocol on Developing Countries. Latha Rangan. IJBSAT (2009), 1(1):1-3

Solid State Fermentation Production of Cellulase from Bacillus sp.  V. P. Zambare.  IJBSAT (2010), 2(1):1-6

A Brief Review of Edible oils and its Nutritional properties for a rural Indian.  B.Dineshkumar, Rangadar Pradhan, P.Vigneshkumar, SP.Bhuvaneshwaran, Analava Mitra. IJBSAT (2010), 2(1):7-11

A Review of Wheat Quality Assessment.  Moazzam  Rafiq Khan, Faqir Muhammad Anjum, Shahzad Hussain, Muhammad Nadeem.  IJBSAT (2010), 2(2):12-20

IJBSAT5.  Development of a rapid and reliable bioassay to discriminate between susceptible and resistant cultivars of tomato against Fusarium wilt.  Pritesh P. Parmar, Vishal P. Oza1, A. D. Patel, K. B. Kathiria and R.B. Subramanian.  IJBSAT (2011), 3(2):6-11

IJBSAT6.  Biotoxic Impact of Insecticides on Plant Growth Promoting Activities of Phosphate Solubilizing Rhizobacterium Enterobacter asburiae Strain PS2.  Munees Ahemad, Mohammad Saghir Khan (Status: Withdrawn)

IJBSAT7.  Genetic Characterization of Critically Endangered Puntius sarana (Hamilton) and the Exotic Barbonymus gonionotus (Bleeker) (Cyprinidae: Cypriniformes) by DNA Fingerprinting.  Shirin Akter, Shirin Sultana, Mohammad Sadequr Rahman Khan, Md Nahiduzzaman, Mostafa Ali Reza Hossain and Md Samsul Alam.  IJBSAT (2010), 2(3):21-27

IJBSAT8.  Protein Profile of Anabaena fertilissima Rao, Aulosira fertilissima Ghose and Westiellopsis prolifica Janet under Pesticide-Stress Conditions.  Nirmal Kumar J.I., Manmeet Kaur Amb, Rita N Kumar and Anubhuti Bora. (Review Decision: Reject)

IJBSAT9.  Separation of Hemi cellulose from Corn cobs by Alkali Pretreatment Method. Sama Jagadish Kumar, Goli Jyosthna khanna, Koppaka Nithya and Linga Venkateswar Rao.  IJBSAT (2011), 3(1):1-5

IJBSAT10.  Biocontrol potency of Trichoderma isolates against collar –rot pathogen of Mentha arvensis L.  Rahel Ratnakumari. Y, A. Nagamani, S. Bhramaramba and K. Sarojini Chakravarthy (Status: Withdrawn)

A Comparison of the Microbial Count of Washed and Unwashed Oranges after Storage at Room and Refrigeration Temperature Conditions. Ahmad Allafi, Saad Busamri.  IJBSAT (2012), 4(1):1-3

IJBSAT12.  Microbial BioRemediation – A Review.  Kshitija Iyer, Gajalakshmi S., Mythili S. and Sathiavelu A.  IJBSAT (2012), 4(2):4-13

IJBSAT13.  Biopesticidal effects of some Medicinal Plant extracts on Growth Parameters and Control of Diseases in Solanum melongena L.  Mitali Madhusmita Pattnaik, Manoranjan Kar, and R.K Sahu.  IJBSAT (2012), 4(3):14-22

IJBSAT14.  IN VITRO production of ANNATTO (Natural food dye) from BIXA ORELLANA L.  S. Poornima and S.R. Ambika.  IJBSAT (2012), 4(4):23-28

IJBSAT16.  Evaluation of Moisture Content and Particle Size Distribution of some Commercial Poultry Feeds produced in NIGERIA.  I. C. Okoli, Faith Abakpolor, T. C. Iwuji, A. A. Omede, V. O. Okoro and C. Ezema.  IJBSAT (2013), 5(1):1-8

IJBSAT17.  Organic Farming amongst Settled Fulani Communities in North- Eastern NIGERIA.  Kubkomawa  H. I., Helen U. O., Timon F., Williams B.  and   Neils J. S. IJBSAT (2013), 5(2):9-14

IJBSAT18.  Current Approaches to the Determination of Feed Intake and Digestibility in Ruminant Animals – A Review.  Kubkomawa, H. I., Nafarnda, D. W., Adamu, S. M., Tizhe, M. A., Daniel, T. K., Shua, N. J., Ugwu, C. C., Opara, M. N., Neils, J. S. and Okoli, I. C.  IJBSAT (2013), 5(3):15-25

IJBSAT19. A Green Approach to Synthesize the Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles using Aqueous Extracts of Ficus benghalensis L.  M.S. Shekhawat, C.P. Ravindran, M. Manokari.  IJBSAT (2015), 6(1):1-5

IJBSAT20.  Improving Germination of Tomato Seed by  Electric Field Treatment.  Mamta Samir Patwardhan, Waman Ziblaji Gandhare.  IJBSAT (2016), 7(1):1-6

IJBSAT21.  Production and Sensory Evaluation of Non-Alcoholic Wine from Sugarcane and Tiger Nut Blend Using Saccharomyces cerevisiae.  Tochukwu Vincent Balogu, Aisha Abdulkadir, Maduabuchukwu Theophilus Ikegwu, Blessing Akpadolu,  Kenechi Akpadolu,  IJBSAT (2016), 7(2):7-14

IJBSAT22.  Evaluation of some hybrid combinations for exploitation of two line system heterotic in Rice (Oryza sativa L.).  Galal Bakr Anis, Ahmed Ibrahem El-Sherif, Hytham Freeg, Elsaed Farok Arafat.  IJBSAT (2017), 8(1):1-8