IJBSAT 2013 Volume 5 Issue 3

International Journal of BioSciences, Agriculture and Technology (IJBSAT) ISSN: 0975 - 4539

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Current Approaches to the Determination of Feed Intake and Digestibility in Ruminant Animals – A Review.  Kubkomawa, H. I., Nafarnda, D. W., Adamu, S. M., Tizhe, M. A., Daniel, T. K., Shua, N. J., Ugwu, C. C., Opara, M. N., Neils, J. S. and Okoli, I. C.  IJBSAT (2013), 5(3):15-25

    Prof. Dr. Prabhu Britto Albert,
    Dec 17, 2013, 11:25 PM