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Growth and Yield of Tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum (L) Moench) to Organic Based Fertilizer, Mineral Fertilizer and Azotobacter croococcum
AbdulRaheem Mukhtar Iderawumi, Charles Eneminyene Friday
IJBSAT (2018), 9(4):24-31
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Growth and Yield of Tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum (L) Moench) to Organic Based Fertilizer, Mineral Fertilizer and Azotobacter croococcum

Authors & Affiliation:
AbdulRaheem Mukhtar Iderawumi1, Charles Eneminyene Friday2
1 Department of Agricultural Science Education, The College of Education, P.M.B. 001, Lanlate, Oyo State, Nigeria
2 Nigeria Institute for Oil Palm Research, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria
m.iderawumi@gmail.com, enemscharles@yahoo.com

Field experiment was carried out in Lanlate rainforest zone of Southwest Nigeria to study the effect of Organic based fertilizer, Mineral fertilizer and Azotobacter croococcum to the growth and yield of Tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum (L) Moench). The soil at the experimental site is low in Nitrogen and Potassium. The treatment were replicated three times on tomato plant, there were also six treatments; Control (C), Cassava waste - based organic fertilizer (OBF) 5tonnes/ha, Cassava waste - based organic fertilizer + Azotobacter croococcum (OBF+AC), Mineral fertilizer (MF), N: P: K 20:10:10 (60kg/ha), Mineral fertilizer + Azotobacter croococcum (MF+AC) and Azotobactcr croococcum (AC). The Mineral fertilizer (MF) increased significantly the plant growth at 3WAT while Organic based fertilizer + Azotobacter croococcum were found to have increased in the growth of tomato at 5WAT. The Organic base fertilizer (OBF) produced the highest value of dry matter of shoot (13.329)with Azotobacter croococcum recording the lowest value (4.758) even significantly lower than the control (5.739). also tomato fertilized with Mineral fertilizer (MF) gave the greatest yield (46.74t/ha). The weight was significantly higher than that obtained when Azotobacter croococcum (AC) was solely applied or combined with Mineral fertilizer.

Keyword: Fertilizer, Mineral, Organic, Tomato, Azoobacter

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