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The non-profit peer-reviewed open access International Journal of BioSciences, Agriculture and Technology (IJBSAT) ISSN: 0975 - 4539 is started with a Mission to
  • Encourage contribution to Research in BioSciences, Agriculture and Technology for achieving better health and disease-free living for all.
  • Encourage and motivate researchers in challenging areas of BioSciences, Agriculture and Technology viz., BioSciences, Agriculture and related Technologies in BioEngineering, BioEthics, BioMedical Engineering, BioTechnology, Medical Informatics, Medicine, Medical Sciences, Pharmacy, Psychology and all areas of Allied Health Sciences, Management, Technology, Law and Public Health and BioEntrepreneurship & BioMarketing, GeoSciences, Atmospheric Sciences, and Remote Sensing; BioMetrics and Forensics within the scope of BioSciences, Agriculture and Technology.
  • Offer a platform for the dissemination of knowledge.
  • Improve the approaches of BioSciences, Agriculture and Technology research, education, promotion and other multidisciplinary efforts by fostering a better understanding of the multidimensional nature of research, industrial and educational systems as they relate to the promotion of Health Sciences for the betterment of mankind and human life. 

The International Journal of BioSciences, Agriculture and Technology being a nonprofit Journal, does NOT charge publication/processing fees from the Author(s). NO subscription fee is levied for Libraries / Individuals. NO fee is levied for accessing published articles.

The International Journal of BioSciences, Agriculture and Technology ISSN: 0975 - 4539 serves Science & Mankind at the highest levels of Professional Ethical Conduct.


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