IJBSAT 2017 Volume 8 Issue 10

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Use of endophytic bacteria and fungi strains in plant protection and medicine. Sergiu Fendrihan, Florica Constantinescu,Oana Sicuia, and Sorina Dinu. IJBSAT (2017), 8(10):73-77

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Use of endophytic bacteria and fungi strains in plant protection and medicine

Authors & Affiliation

Sergiu Fendrihan1, Florica Constantinescu2,Oana Sicuia3, and Sorina Dinu4

1 - 4 Research Development Institute for Plant Protection Bucharest, Romania

1 University ֦Vasile Goldiș֞, Faculty of Medicine, Arad, Romania

1 Romanian Bioresource Centre, Bucharest, Romania

ecologos23@yahoo.com, cflori@yahoo.com, sicuia_oana@yahoo.com, sori.dinu@yahoo.com


The paper present a review of the possible use of endophytic fungal and bacterial strains of microorganisms isolated from plants tissues which can be used in different biotechnologies in order to obtain some useful products for human medicine, agriculture and other domains. There were many isolation cases from plants roots, stems, and other parts .A considerable diversity was discovered in those community of microorganisms. The strains were tested for their inhibitory activity against plant and human pathogens. Some strains had antimicrobial properties, which can be use to have new antibiotics in the situation of new emerging pathogens and of many cases of resistance to the classical antibiotics. The endophytes are a source for antifungals too against plants and human pathogenic fungi. There are some strains which release compound with antivirus properties. Even against parasitic diseases some compounds produced by fungals and bacterial endophytic strains were identified. Some of them can inhibate in vitro culture of cancer cell lines, or have an immunomodulatory activity, to interfere with mechanism of neurodegenerative diseases, with inhibition of cholesterol accumulation. In plants protection, they can release substances against fungal pathogens of crops, or to release plants growth stimulating substances

Keywords: endophytes, pharmaceuticals, bioactive substances.