IJBSAT 2017 Volume 8 Issue 3

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Environmental Impact of Attitudinal Change towards Forest Conservation in Nigeria. Ahmed O. Ogunwale, Ph.D and Bello, A.A. IJBSAT (2017), 8(3):22-27

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Environmental Impact of Attitudinal Change towards Forest Conservation in Nigeria

Authors & Affiliation:

Ahmed O. Ogunwale, Ph.D1 and Bello, A.A2

1 Crescent University, P.M.B. 2104 Sapon, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

2 Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Crescent University, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

asiwaju1@yahoo.co.uk, bello.adedoyin@yahoo.com


Nigeria is rich in tropical hardwood, most of which comes from the rainforest belt of the country. Nowadays, trees are felled indiscriminately in forests set aside by government as reserves, as well as in open forests. This study, therefore, examined the environmental effects of deforestation for immediate socio-economic satisfaction. Data were collected from both direct field observation (DFO), Landsat remote sensing and questionnaire administration at various locations within the forest regions. The study reveals that environmental impact is most severe on the northern verge of the forest belt where charcoal production has led to the disappearance of many species of valuable hardwoods resulting in savanna encroachment, migration of wild animals as well as high rate of nomadic in-migration to the area. Hardwoods that are resistant to drought are preferred by the charcoal producers. Gradual extinction of these trees brings about increase in run off, erosion and desertification. Recommendation was made for sustainable use of our natural vegetation by keeping sufficient trees for future need, and also to safeguard our soils and rivers.

Keywords: Rainforest, environment, deforestation, sustainable, hardwood.