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Stem Taper and Tree Growth Characteristics for Triplochitonscleroxylon (K. schum) Stands in Ibadan Metropolis, NIGERIA. Onilude, Q.A; Fajemila, A; Adeleye, I.G; Oduola, M; Osijo, A And Oso, A. IJBSAT (2017), 8(4):28-35

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Stem Taper and Tree Growth Characteristics for Triplochitonscleroxylon (K. schum) Stands in Ibadan Metropolis, NIGERIA

Authors & Affiliation:

Onilude, Q.A1; Fajemila, A2;Adeleye, I.G3;Oduola, M4;Osijo, A5. And Oso, A.O6

1,2 & 4 Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, P.M.B 5054, Jericho Hill, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

3 Department of Silviculture, Ministry of Forestry, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

5 National Horticultural Research Institute, Idi-Ishin, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

6 Olabisi Onabanjo University Ago iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria.

omoonilu@gmail.com, akinsolamillar23@yahoo.com, abilacrown@gmail.com, issaadeleye1@yahoo.com, tuc2greg@yahoo.com, ososesi@yahoo.com


Dearth of periodic and current information on forest tree stand has been greatly acknowledged in Nigeria. In 2010, a field study was carried out to assess the relationship between stem taper and tree growth parameters for Triplochiton scleroxylon (K. schum) stands in Ibadan metropolis, Nigeria. Stem taper is the changing diameter of a tree part over its length. Four age series (1973, 1974, 1975 and 1976) of Triplochiton scleroxylon trees were used for the study. Using stratified randomly sampling technique, temporary sample plots of size 20m by 20m randomly established in each of the age series and data collected on various tree dimensions included Diameter at breast height (Dbh), diameter at the base (Db), middle (Dm) and top of the trees (Dt), total and merchantable height and crown depth. Individual tree basal area and stem volumes were estimated using their respective empirical formula.. Two variants of stem taper, TAP1 (defined as the ratio of tree diameter at the top to the diameter at the base) and TAP2 (defined as the ratio of diameter at breast height to tree total height) were computed and tested against various tree attributes. The results showed that TAP2 was significant while TAP1 was not significant when tested across the different stand ages with 1976 stand having minimum mean value of 21.91 ± 5.98 and 1975 stands with maximum mean value of 28.70 ± 9.25. The result showed that the majority of the trees are of good taper, although the plot located within Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria arboretum showed a better taper form compare to those located within the reserves. However, it is recommended that permanent sample plots be established for regular and consistent data collection.

Keywords: Stem taper, Triplochiton scleroxylon, tree growth characteristics, Nigeria